Nouveau (Gothica): The Twilight Board

Ok. I won't even get started on what it means to be a fan of the Twilight series because there are hundreds of thousands of fansites dedicated to the brooding vampires. I read the book sometime in 2005 (it had a different cover, depicting a lanky girl with a bob lurking in a darkened hallway), and found it really hard to put down despite the seemingly teenybopper idea of a vampire-angsty teen romance.

So when I found out that Stephenie Meyer, the author, was in the process of meeting with studio executives for a MOVIE I must admit I was excited, just because i had tried to imagine the two protagonists in my mind but could never summon up the perfect people fo casting. I was so worried they wouldn't live up to the standards set by my imagination. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, to conclude the Twilight fever, I created a board based on the book cover themes... and what I thought their wedding should have really looked like, although I do think I can base a board on the one written into Breaking Dawn. Be dazzled.