Nouveau (Splendiferous Spring!): Bold wildflower colors and rustic details!

Now that December is wrapping up, it doesn't hurt to dream about wild colors and creative themes! I love the show ribbons, for me they're the best peg on the board. The green color and floral print on the bridesmaid's dresses are really simple and pretty. J.Crew is turning out to be such a go-to shop for weddings these days, and the simplicity of the things that they produce are awesome canvases for accessories.


Nouveau (Confection Perfection): Very Classic, feminine pastels

I remember making a pastel board recently, not sure if it was the one based in Provence or something else, but this is different. Whenever I look at Brides.com I'm always so surprised at how pinks and yellows play such pivotal roles in modern day weddings. I always thought pastels were outdated, but then I see jpegs like these and I rethink the whole idea. Pink can be sexy, sophisticated and preppy all at once without looking like a kiddie party. This board was fun to make because it really allowed me to dig through all the pastel pegs I have on file and make a girly moment out of it.



Nouveau (Gilded): All that Glitters is Gold

One of my favorite jpegs from my "Dresses" folder is this one of a bride and her groom traipsing down a cobblestone street. I love her dress, and I really REALLY love his suit. I actually think this is one of the most close-to-home pictures that I've got. Since it's the holidays I've been trying to avoid putting up too many Christmassy boards, but it's all subjective to a holiday bride anyway - particularly because I live in a tropical country where anything goes really. I do like the idea of a gold wedding, and this one is for my Nimrat who LOVES gold. Nim, this reminds me of your prom dress hehe.



Nouveau (Debutante Style): Dark side of the Peach Hen Party!

Normally people associate peach with prom or some totally subdued debutante dress, but this hen party board is a lot sexier and much more sophisticated. Black details create a more dramatic background to this "innocent" color making it a little more flirty looking.



Nouveau (Hen Party): Princess and the Pea Sleepover!

How awesome would this be for a bachelorette party? All your girlfriends lounging around on thick stacks of mattresses just like Anthropologie's summer '07 store set up. What completes this for me are the Fauchon/Laduree desserts to make it all super indulgent like Marie Antoinette's little party.


Destination: Forests and Wine! A woodsy wedding celebration!

Another rustic wedding, with color cues taken from old wine bottles and earthy soil. I love this delicate but sexy lace dress, and although it contrasts with the rest of the look it goes perfectly with the outdoorsy feel.


Color Scheme/Garden Series: A refreshingly minty Garden picnic



Nouveau (Burgundy and Saints): An opulent take on a traditional wedding style

I was really inspired by this picture of Gisele... Whenever I think of elegant balls or weddings of the Golden Age, I envision velvets and tons of burgundy. I tried to jazz it up with paintings and details like saints to put a traditional Catholic edge to the board.



Nouveau (Dark Twenties): Flapper Glamour

A popular theme in the wedding circuit these days: vintage by the decades! When Hairspray came out as a movie, a lot of people wanted bubblegum pink and pastel cupcakes with bridesmaids in a-line skirts and super teased ponytails and when the Notebook came out, Pearl Harbor red lips and draped silk dresses were very trendy. The flapper look was everywhere this year, with the fringed dresses and beaded bags (not to mention those funky hairpieces!) so I decided to go for it with this board... without being so exaggerated or so cliche. Hopefully!


Nouveau (Shabby Chic): At the beach!

Something to think about as the weather gets colder! A shabby chic wedding at the beach? Far from your ordinary garden affair, but really pretty nonetheless.



Nouveau (Modern Drama): Black tie done in a festive, modern way

I think majority of black tie weddings have a lot of timelessness to them in the sense that they always include the vintage car and the elegant guestbook sans the gaudy garter toss... but I didn't want to make another simple black tie board. This would probably be for a sophisticated couple, but also, a sophisticated YOUNG couple.



Style Circle Post No.2: Retro Sweet

Another SMP board recently made, I was feeling really vintagey... but not in a shabby chic way.

Retro Sweet

Credits: On Paper, ON PAPER (2), C Studios, Jose Villa, Jose Villa Photography (2), Jose Villa, Flowergirls, Weddings and the City, Olivia Leigh

Style Circle Post No. 1 : There's No Place Like Home

I've made a few boards through SMP, but haven't thought of posting them up here till now...

No Place Like Home

Credits: Corbin Gurkin, Corbin Gurkin Photography, Belathee Photography, Jessamyn Harris, Lisa Lefkowitz (2), delphine


Nouveau (Antique Sepia): Handmade Lace and a Stopped Watch

Since fall really is the season for the most opulent colors, I felt the need to express my love for more velvety browns. I like shabby chic weddings just fine, but when dramatic sepia and tobacco brown is added into the mix I LOVE them. This is just a little board of all the ways to make your wedding elegant and chic without bordering on stuffy.



Nouveau (Fuschia Spring): A not so dainty springtime wedding!

So maybe you're not the type to indulge in pastels or lacy ribbons and little girls in chiffon - it's ok! I made this board for the springtime brides who aren't wallflowers by any means! The colors were inspired by the very cheeky Nars blush in Orgasm.



Nouveau (Speck of Gold): Of the Palest Creams and Luminous Metals

There's nothing prettier than a consistent color theme that is striking yet very simple. Most of the time we get carried away with the grandeur of weddings, we forget that the details are the most stunning part of the whole thing.



Nouveau (Farmstyle): Meet me under the Kissing Tree

Every board I've made for the past few days has green and brown tones in it. I'm thinking that fall has gotten to me, even though I can't say that we get to experience it in the tropics, it's what I miss most about living in Paris (it was my favorite season)... but I don't think you should rule out the rich colors for any kind of event, no matter where you live.



Nouveau (Cinderelly, Cinderelly): Powdery Blue, Gold and some pretty Pears

I had a really good time making this board. Cinderella wasn't by any means my favorite Disney princess, but she came to mind when I was looking at all these pegs that were the same color as her dress. I like the idea of someone using their favorite childhood movies and books as inspiration, like the Where the Wild things Are board I made almost a year ago. It makes the event all the more fun, especially birthday parties - people can actually come in costume! I hope I can come up with something interesting from another childhood favorite soon...


Nouveau (Black, White and Cali all over): Etsy crafts, Artsy Photos and the Californian Yellow Poppy!

I know my boyfriend will be aghast at this post, as he is from SF and totally patriotic to NorCal. He hates black and white as a color combination and probably thinks my use of his favorite place on earth does not do it justice, but I saw a lot of funky places when I was there and thought it would be perfect for young artists who want to get hitched without any of the willy nilly frilly junk.


Nouveau (Girly!): Inkblots and Luminous Pinks

Like I've said before, I'm not a fan of pink weddings - but sometimes you can make it look SO good without compromising the fact that it's an adult affair. This vintage-esque feminine board really speaks to me because it has splotches of inky indigo in the details, giving an edge to something that would otherwise be all about frills.



Nouveau (Safari Luxe): Silk Tents, Outdoor lanterns, Luxurious Fabrics and Africa!

How cool would this be? I mean, this would be the ultimate fantasy wedding for me. Of course, this would probably cost my life savings and a kidney on the black market, but take a look at this board. You'll think it's worth it. It's a very glamorous safari wedding complete with white silk, lanterns and the most incredible views of wildlife. Really a wedding to strive for.



Nouveau (Stepford): Perfection in its sweetest form with Carnation pink, Pistachio green and Buttery gold

Most people assume pink is as feminine a color as it gets, and they'd be right! I just love looking at pink. Especially pink desserts - what is more perfect than a sateen box of candied Jordan almonds and a Ron Ben Israel cake?! But for some reason I just can't find it in myself to wear pink, use pink make up or decorate with pink... Yet here I am making a board fit for a Stepford wife in all her favorite shades.



Nouveau (This is Halloween): The only scary thing about this might be the price tag!

I couldn't resist, but I decided to put it up earlier than the 31st because I didn't want to be cheesy like that. It's a glamorous fall wedding that so happens to fall into the Halloween month, with just little hints in the cake (check out the marzipan pumpkin). It's still a wedding, so it shouldn't be too kitschy but I think it should have elements of noir in it.



Nouveau (Brights): Supercolor Fragilistic Expealidocious!

Now that I know more than a handful of people are reading this blog I had to incorporate some color................. and I really dig this Martha Stewart cake, even if that cover has spawned hundreds of knock offs at local bakeries. If you're going with the bright colors for a wedding, might as well go all out!



Announcement: I've now joined Style Circle on Style Me Pretty!


All the boards I posted there are new as well.


Nouveau (Gatsby at Night): Marichris & Carlos Board No. 1

Just for you! The first of three different ones. Hope you get at least an idea or two for your scrapbook!



Nouveau (Bohemian): Headdresses & Art Deco details

Ok so I was more than inspired by the board I posted a couple days ago with the Morgan Le Fae theme but I like this board so much better because it's really detailed... I can't believe there's someone in LA who makes these really awesome fairy costumes for parties and weddings. I guess some people out there are more adventurous, and I think it's great even if I wouldn't do it myself...


Color Scheme: Jade, Coral Peony and Old Gold



Garden Series: Wintry Woods and Morgan le Fae

Don't ever assume that glamorous weddings are only at night. When I saw this picture of this girl in an AMAZING coat standing like the Snow Queen on a rickety boat I immediately wanted to make a rustic board that sort of touched on the fairy theme. I picked a generally simple palette, but the details and the surrounding greenery are enough to make the entire thing really stunning. I'd love to attend this wedding!



Nouveau (Eco Minimalism): Glass touches, Stark White and Crisp Greens

I know I've made A LOT of white and green palettes, but I keep coming up with new ways to present them so I don't think I'll ever tire of putting them together. I think this is my favorite palette of colors because it's so clean and fresh without being dull because of all the details - wicker, weathered wood, glass and preppy flowers like gardenias and hydrangeas (my favorites along with bowl of cream peonies). This was inspired by a picture of a pitcher of milk (lotion) in minimalist packaging that i found while googling. I thought it would be a lovely giveaway to have if it were real fresh milk packaged with homemade cookies. Mmm. Anyway, this would be a great classic wedding that isn't too stuffy.


Color Scheme: Dark Chocolate, Goldleaf, Cream and Noir



Garden Series: Rusticana

A good rustic board is hard to make. There are so many themes and motifs you could use, and the little details are endless. It's easy to lose sight of what goes where when planning a wedding set around a lot of green or in the mountains. You get carried away by the thought of eco friendly paper lanterns or candied fruits and preserves... well at least I do. I think I had a mild case of ADHD while making this. But finally after three days, I have something to show for it.


Nouveau (Pastels): Understated and Easy

I don't know. I like pink. It's one of those colors that just catch my attention, especially in edible things like cupcakes or candy. But for the life of me I couldn't picture anyone turning pastels into something chic for a big event. I always thought they were corny colors, a little on the tacky side. Well I came up with a board that had doses of that palette in it, but so subtly done and in off the radar shades like pale peony, grey blue and buttercream. It's a really doable look without compromising the fact that it's a celebration for people above the toddler years.



Nouveau (Hepburn): Champagne wishes, Caviar dreams, Chanel haute couture!

I enjoyed making this board because even though I keep daydreaming about something ten times simpler for myself I would kill to have a really glamorous wedding. I won't pretend that a hundred phaelenopsis stems and tons of bottles of Dom don't give me the wedding willies. It literally screams L'officiel and Chanel No.5! But I did get a really good idea with that peg of the LBD. What a great back!



Nouveau (Afternoon): Lazy Sundays & Francophile Buffets

I'm a huge fan of those subtle weddings that have really big impacts on their guests... like I'm pretty sure paper lanterns are more impressive at night than chandeliers at a hotel. This board is a testament to those casually chic affairs that do well at spring or summer in someone's massive backyard.



Reel to Real: Iconic Hitchcock


I suppose it speaks for itself? I'm really proud of this board, it's very "fashion" compared to the others... I think I had to be in a certain mood to produce this, but I think I can go in this direction once in awhile!