Nouveau (Shabby Chic): Central Park Boathouse

I tried to submit this to style me pretty since there was a contest going on, but i don't think she got my mail yet. Anyway, someone was having a hard time planning her wedding around her chosen themes: raspberry and shabby chic...which can be a mind bender, but I read that this lady was having her wedding in Louisiana - which is gorgeous and full of plantations for venues, perfect for shabby chic events. However, I overlooked that part on my board and made my venue the Boathouse in Central Park. This is a very relaxed board, not as feminine or over the top as most shabby chic themes go, but you'll still see a lot of charm in the details.



Elopement: City of Blinding Lights

So history was made yesterday with Obama being sworn in as the new president of the United States. I thought it would have been amazing to be a part of it, and I did attempt to make a patriotic all-americana type of board but I was never able to finish it in time. I did, however, finish making a new type of board... the Elopement series! I figure that not EVERYONE wants the big white wedding, some people are more into celebrating a quiet union with each other. This way you can afford to do it in another country, or anywhere you wanted without your parents/in-laws trying to run the show their way. Hopefully I can finish my New York style elopement board before the day is over, but for now, here is one for the books! An elopement in my heart's town, Paris. It all sounds terribly romantic. I hope I captured the best parts of it in this board. A bientot!



Nouveau (Summer Night): Elegant Neutrals & Mediterranean Fare

Today is my second anniversary with my boyfriend, and I think we're both not so into the whole romantic gesture thing - which is strange because my chosen passion has much to do with a great deal of romance. I think tonight we'll just catch Bride Wars, which I heard was pretty entertaining. Maybe I'll come out of it with a new idea for tomorrow's board. Now I wasn't going to post this just because it was so personal, but since it IS our anniversary and maybe somewhere down the line I'll get to use this for OUR wedding (if EVER!)... yes I made a board for myself while listening to the song Mondo Bongo by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros on repeat. This should actually be a Sounds Like board! It's what I have ALWAYS wanted, down to the dinnerware, soothing color scheme and the dessert. Totally the opposite of my brother's very formal wedding at the National Museum, yet it's also in the evening. How can we do neutrals at night? Take a look. It's the typical summer wedding redone. One day it'll be mine!



Offshore: Sunset at Phuket

Exotic food, brilliant sunsets and nights punctuated with millions of stars. This board is inspired by the incredible night scene at Phuket, Thailand. Personally I love Thailand, especially being half Burmese (which hundreds of years ago would make no sense I imagine), but it really is like a second home to me. I used to accompany my mom on her business trips, at least five to six times a year. The Thai people are so creative, the best at packaging. I'd pay five times more for their candles and incense probably because of the too-appealing way they had packaged them. I figured I would post this in homage to Alex Garland's novel The Beach. I suppose if things actually had worked out between Etienne and Francoise, or Francoise and Richard (and assuming of course that they decided to go back to the mainland) maybe their wedding could have looked like this. I'm getting ahead of myself. Enjoy.



Nouveau (Winter Wonderland): Aspen Sojourn

I know. I realize that the holidays are over, but with the freakish weather the world has been experiencing recently, it isn't too hard to still get the wintry wedding of your dreams come springtime. I feel like I should explain more about the Nouveau series of boards. They're your average wedding themes, redone. For example, check out the Twilight board - a new take on the gothic theme. Sooo I brought our typical winter wedding to Aspen, with tones of brown, champagne and cream. I tried to look for food and drinks that would make the holiday spirit authentic, hence the vin chaud and stollen. Season's greetings! (again)



Garden Series: Gilt, Plum, Pear!

My cousin, the very same one who wanted an Indian theme and an Afternoon Tea theme has decided on her venue for next year's big day. It's called Moon Garden, and it's full of little ponds complete with tiny frogs and lily pads, silk cushions and botanical art. It is absolutely charming, with hanging vines and antique chairs in the most interesting corners. I am so excited to be working in this space for my first ever assignment, and I hope to be able to show you pictures of the finished product next year. However, all I've got to show for it now is this corresponding board in aubergine, old gold and orchid green.



Offshore: Santorini Afternoon

Starting the New Year off in a sparkling way with a wedding inspired by the Mediterranean and the island of Santorini. The greatest thing about this board is the deep deep blue that most people associate with Greece, not to mention the little details of red coral and seashells. I've always wanted to design a beachside wedding, but I realized it's no fun to wed by the sea if you can't get your feet wet, hence the large 60 ft. yacht and it's wide party-ready deck! Hopefully this will inspire a lot of people to do a destination wedding. It would be a truly memorable afternoon for all your guests. Not to mention all the gorgeous souvenier photos they'll be able to take home with them - none of your single girlfriends will want a simple church wedding ever again!