Elopement: City of Blinding Lights

So history was made yesterday with Obama being sworn in as the new president of the United States. I thought it would have been amazing to be a part of it, and I did attempt to make a patriotic all-americana type of board but I was never able to finish it in time. I did, however, finish making a new type of board... the Elopement series! I figure that not EVERYONE wants the big white wedding, some people are more into celebrating a quiet union with each other. This way you can afford to do it in another country, or anywhere you wanted without your parents/in-laws trying to run the show their way. Hopefully I can finish my New York style elopement board before the day is over, but for now, here is one for the books! An elopement in my heart's town, Paris. It all sounds terribly romantic. I hope I captured the best parts of it in this board. A bientot!