Nouveau (Summer Night): Elegant Neutrals & Mediterranean Fare

Today is my second anniversary with my boyfriend, and I think we're both not so into the whole romantic gesture thing - which is strange because my chosen passion has much to do with a great deal of romance. I think tonight we'll just catch Bride Wars, which I heard was pretty entertaining. Maybe I'll come out of it with a new idea for tomorrow's board. Now I wasn't going to post this just because it was so personal, but since it IS our anniversary and maybe somewhere down the line I'll get to use this for OUR wedding (if EVER!)... yes I made a board for myself while listening to the song Mondo Bongo by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros on repeat. This should actually be a Sounds Like board! It's what I have ALWAYS wanted, down to the dinnerware, soothing color scheme and the dessert. Totally the opposite of my brother's very formal wedding at the National Museum, yet it's also in the evening. How can we do neutrals at night? Take a look. It's the typical summer wedding redone. One day it'll be mine!