Offshore: Sunset at Phuket

Exotic food, brilliant sunsets and nights punctuated with millions of stars. This board is inspired by the incredible night scene at Phuket, Thailand. Personally I love Thailand, especially being half Burmese (which hundreds of years ago would make no sense I imagine), but it really is like a second home to me. I used to accompany my mom on her business trips, at least five to six times a year. The Thai people are so creative, the best at packaging. I'd pay five times more for their candles and incense probably because of the too-appealing way they had packaged them. I figured I would post this in homage to Alex Garland's novel The Beach. I suppose if things actually had worked out between Etienne and Francoise, or Francoise and Richard (and assuming of course that they decided to go back to the mainland) maybe their wedding could have looked like this. I'm getting ahead of myself. Enjoy.