Garden Series: Sunday morning brunch in Pistachio and Apricot

I was really inspired by this daisy cake I saw on Martha Stewart's website, but then I got thrown off by this picture of a fondant cake with pistachio and apricot buttercream filling. I have never come across such an unusual combination, and I immediately thought that it deserved its very own board. I feel that most weddings are mainly family affairs and if your guests are flying in from all over, why not treat them to an event culminating in a brunch? I've been to a wedding in California near Pebble Beach and on the morning after we were treated to a gorgeous preppy brunch. It was such a great ending to the weekend. I knew since then that like myself, most women would want their big day to extend itself to a three day adventure. So here goes my first attempt at experimenting with color palettes. Hopefully I'll feel more inspired as the heat drags on!



Elopement: City that Never Sleeps

The city that never sleeps often inspires a lot of modern love stories. New York is full of people but can often be a lonely place with miserly scrooges and moneyed widows (mostly in books of course). My favorite movie, Great Expectations, inspired me to make this board. I felt that Estella and Finn would probably elope if it hadn't been for Dinsmoor and her brokenhearted bad influence. Every time I see that movie I want to cry because of that one particular scene where they kiss in the rain. Gets me every time.


Destination: Louisiana Magnolias and Layer Cake

I feel really bad about not posting anything on Valentine's day, but then again I didn't want to put up a cliche board with hearts, roses and chocolate cake. So I decided to put up two boards today, since I've been neglectful. My boyfriend suggested this one to me because he loves New Orleans and the south, and gumbo! I think that it would be a real standout wedding at a plantation with gorgeous flowers and all that creole food. I think subconsciously we've been thinking about southern food because we've been watching all that True Blood. We love that show. Anyway, this is my take on a Louisiana wedding...



Nouveau (Earthy): Naturally Elegant

Since Al Gore's documentary on our planetary issues with global warming, people have begun to realize that the eco way may be the only way to restore and keep our forests and seas thriving. I'm a big fan of nature and all it's bounty so it really isn't a surprise that I chose to come up with this board today after I noticed that just about everyone has adopted the no plastic bag approach with canvas totes at the supermarket. I love the idea and think it's really responsible. Anyway this is an eco chic wedding, very natural with interesting colors from the sea, forest and desert.



Nouveau (Hen Party): Serena Gold

So most bachelorette parties consist of mojitos, an oddly disguised male stripper and a lot of dancing. I was indulging in what I call the greatest sin of the decade, Gossip Girl, when I decided that I would include this little board to my Isabel tribute. Like golden girl Serena (who is literally golden from head to toe... how the hell can one person be so wonderfully monochromatic?), Isa has many sides and one of them has a tremendous linkage to glamourpuss parties and champagne evenings. I for one think this would be a gorgeous party, the boys can crash later, but right now it's all for the girls - a fantasy party with a La Perla fashion show for the honeymoon, gold accents, decadent treats, furry rugs and an homage to Bardot and Hepburn. I suppose this is for the woman without a budget, and though these are hard times - it's still wonderful to dream big.

Wish me luck today, I'll really need it. I have to cook for the Organic Market tomorrow, then go on a little hunt for my boyfriend's phone which I lost (much to his annoyance, even if it's old and he doesn't care for it) yesterday while watching Australia. Anyway, here's today's board:



Love Sounds Like (Caravan by Rachel Portman): Isabel, Gypsy Soul

For my BFF Isabel, who will be my inspiration for all the boards this week. She's beautiful, intelligent and happens to be culturally inclined and nomadic. She roomed with me in Paris and now lives in Shanghai, which should tell you that she takes risks, no matter what the hardships are. I hope you love these!

But Isa, even though you are a traditional girl, today's board is for your gypsy soul!