Garden Series: Sunday morning brunch in Pistachio and Apricot

I was really inspired by this daisy cake I saw on Martha Stewart's website, but then I got thrown off by this picture of a fondant cake with pistachio and apricot buttercream filling. I have never come across such an unusual combination, and I immediately thought that it deserved its very own board. I feel that most weddings are mainly family affairs and if your guests are flying in from all over, why not treat them to an event culminating in a brunch? I've been to a wedding in California near Pebble Beach and on the morning after we were treated to a gorgeous preppy brunch. It was such a great ending to the weekend. I knew since then that like myself, most women would want their big day to extend itself to a three day adventure. So here goes my first attempt at experimenting with color palettes. Hopefully I'll feel more inspired as the heat drags on!