Garden Series: Hydrangeas, Hedges and Elephants - Oh My!

I've been totally neglecting this blog because I've been busy working and trying to hang out with some of my best friends who flew in last week as a surprise. After checking out how the business is I realised one of two things. A) It is hard and demanding and B) I totally love it. It really makes me think that I could reach out to brides... I love talking to people about style, about how they met their boyfriends or fiances... I think that I could really do this for a living once Lucas gets a little older. Once he starts walking and is a more independent little guy, I think it will be time to take on some bigger things. It's always at a certain point in your life when you know you're ready to do something because it interests you every single day... to my boyfriend's dismay, I am obsessed with weddings and parties. We're hoping we're headed towards that direction, but you don't want to count your chickens too soon right? I do get to think about what it is that I want for MY wedding while I talk to brides about their own - and I have to admit, it's a vicious cycle of MIND CHANGING. A few months ago I would have loved a Meditteranean feel, but now I've completely gone crazy over hydrangeas - which happen to feel slightly preppy to me. So, out of my love for them, I made this board for MYSELF, yet again. It has a lot of my boyfriend's personality in it too, so it makes me sort of giddy playing out something HE would like. It's perfect for spring, no matter where you are in the world!