Offshore: Emeralds at Sea

When I saw the layout of one of the Martha Stewart Wedding spreads, I was so struck by the color palette of aqua and emerald that I knew someday I was going to make a board using it. It was harder than expected, in fact, it took me a couple days to figure out what the hell it was I was looking for. Distracted at best, I finally managed to make a small one that takes place by the sea. Inspired by an Elizabeth Messina picture of tequila and rain splattered shotglasses, I tried my best to pick up where my creativity left off last Sunday for Easter!



Garden Series: Easter Sunday Morning

Happy Easter! Egg hunting and cavities aside it is a gorgeous day to celebrate (if you're Catholic)... I always notice the sun is always shining on this day. I couldn't help but make a board. It's a spring wedding, really clean and sunny but with Easter touches that don't overwhelm. The pics of the flower girls, spaniel and ring bearers are from Snippet&Ink.



Garden Series: Where The Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite books as a kid, and it's a book I want my son to get into as well. For one of my projects at school I had to create a fashion accessory inspired by a children's book - and of course EVERYONE did Alice in Wonderland... but I thought hard and chose between Madeline and Where the Wild Things Are... so you can guess which one I picked. My family tells me I have a Princess Complex because I love sticking things in my hair or draping them across my forehead, so I recreated Max's crown... but with twigs, dried leaves, a little hummingbird and some other random things. I'm thrilled that they're making a movie out of it, and I hear it has Forrest Whitaker in it so I'm doubly happy. I can't wait to see it! But until then, I guess I just felt the need to do something estravagant, wild and totally irrelevant to popular bridal culture...



Elopement: God Save the Queen Style

For some reason whenever I get the urge to throw on a trench coat, I dream of London and going crazy vintage shopping while stuffing my face with some malt vinegary fish and chips. My boyfriend comes from SF, but this happens to be his favorite city in the world, and since he's bugged me for so long to do a board on it I figure no better time than Holy Week (when everything is closed and everyone is vacationing). It's got pretty much everything in it. Burberry coats, curry and even the little red telephone booths! Hopefully this will make you feel a little cooler in this hot weather.....!


Destination: Kahlo Mexico!

Frida Kahlo was one of the most influential painters of the 20th century and one of my personal favorites... I think she's the only person ever to make a unibrow relevant. I realize I've gotten so caught up in garden weddings (because I guess that's the norm during this season) that I forget there are other categories to fill... like a destination garden wedding! Actually it's not so much in a garden, it's more in a courtyard. My friend Nim is a really amazing artist and I was inspired to use art as a focal point after talking to her yesterday. Hopefully I can make a board for her soon! This is probably the most colorful board I've made so far and honestly i'm excited about it because I'm not so much of a super color oriented person. Anyway, enjoy la fiesta!



Sounds Like (Nothing Sweet about Me by Gabriella Climi ): An Indian Summer!

The world has been slowly accepting the climate change, some are noticing cooler weather while others notice that summers have all of a sudden become endless. Since there's nothing we can do except continue to be eco friendly and aware, lets take advantage of the indian summers and plan something really cool at a very summery location - your local vineyard. Unlike a previous post, which was really sophisticated and a little elegant - this board is really just fun and bright. This song makes me want to just lie down on the grass with an ice cold limeade. AND now asians can't complain because THAILAND has their own little wine country - i've been there! And it's every bit as pretty as the wine country in California. But anyway, here's something for the heat...



Garden Series: Ceramic White, Silver and Powder Blue

Best thing to post nowadays is a garden wedding - being spring and all I feel it's most appropriate. This particular one has interesting shades, like new neutrals including cool white, canvas and a little hint of powdery blue with some pretty silverware thrown in for a more formal feel. To get this look all you need to do is check out etsy.com for some little offbeat objects that you can decorate with. Shopping online has never been easier or more fun!