Nouveau (East Meets West): A collaboration of traditional and modern Japanese style

My boyfriend is pretty critical of my work here on this blog, but he gives really good suggestions. I don't think I've ever made a board that incorporated any specific countries in the theme... even the Phuket one I made was more about the beach and Thai food than anything - it wasn't a cultural thing at all! So I decided to create a story within the moodboard. Interracial couple who would like to celebrate their wedding traditionally in honor of the bride's parents, but also want to celebrate their modern artsy lifestyle in the city. I thought it was pretty cool, but it's also making me really hungry. I had to check out the chefs at the Benihana website for pegs and all of a sudden I wanted some of their Hibachi Chicken! Before I get carried away... * Ceremony in a tea garden and reception in a modern zen-like loft.