Destination: City of Lights for gardenias and double shot espressos

After watching the season finale of Gossip Girl a few weeks ago, hope burned in my heart for my favorite couple Blair and Chuck. I know that they won't last, they never do, but I feel that maybe after a few scandals, more deaths and pregnancies or what have you - there should be some sort of union between these two. I love them, they're my guilty pleasure, and I have to admit that even while chuck is a kid billionaire they would still have a sexy elopement in Paris before a big affair in New York. While I've made a Parisian elopement board before, I never made one quite like this with people from a tv show in mind! I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I would kill for them to do their wedding this way on tv. Maybe the producers will take a hint if they ever get wind of this (which is highly doubtful). Anyway, I still love a brasserie filled with gardenias in the early fall - for ANY bride to be - don't you?



Garden Series: Lilly Pulitzer goes to the Estate

Almost every little girl I know has been forced into an appallingly bright Lilly Pulitzer outfit at least once or twice in her life - much to her disdain and to her parent's delight. I still find it hard to buy any pieces for my boyfriend's nieces probably because I have memories of feigning ignorance at the flamingo pink shorts with neon green palm trees my grandmother bought me for summer. So gaudy yet extremely preppy. I felt that if only they marketed it a little differently at the time I might've appreciated the brand more, but I feel that only now that I'm older I see where the appeal is - even if it still isn't my cup of tea - so I decided to make a board for the little girl who grew up wearing Lilly P. and is now having her big day with the same inspired colors.


Nouveau (Rebel): Ink, Motorcycles and Rockstars

I believe that there are some seriously irritating misinterpretations of rock star weddings, with too much eye makeup and weird lighting... generally speaking. You have to keep in mind that a wedding is a wedding, there should still be an element of romance in it. You can have a theme party for Halloween! But some celebs have gotten the hang of balancing kitschy and traditional - Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson had a really elegant gothic wedding - nothing tacky or regrettable at all. Even Ashlee Simpson managed a pretty decent punk rock party when she married her husband Pete Wentz. It was like a goth Alice in Wonderland. I think I finally managed to create a board that incorporated two people's separate interests into one underlying theme. My cousin (the very same one who I made another board for when she was getting married) asked me to make something that really suited her... and this guy that she's seeing (who happens to be a real artist! he did her new tattoo!). Normally I'd tell her it was a bit too early to anticipate, but after seeing how this board turned out I don't blame her for fantasizing!



Nouveau (Classic): Gracefully Modern

When I talk to mother's about their daughter's upcoming nuptials, I feel like they always hope for a little tradition mixed in with all the modern day things (like dogs for bridesmaids and ipod skins for giveaways). I myself believe that a little old school doesn't hurt when planning an event like this because the basics, much like a plain white shirt or a black dress just make a lot of sense. For example, when in doubt, stick to a neutral color palette. You may regret really trendy colors later on. If you're one of those faint hearted people that seem to never make up their minds (or rather their OWN minds, always seeking opinions) then I suggest going for a modern approach to a classic white wedding. It's not dowdy, it's pretty of the moment if you ask me. And the best part is, it will always be in style - something you definitely WON'T cringe at in thirty years.



Garden Series: Who says you can't believe in fairytales after the second grade?

Last night I caught a snippet of the Spiderwick Chronicles on tv, and it made me think of this book someone gave me when I was younger... it had a bunch of squashed fairies inside, Lady Cottington's fairy journal - or something like that. I was so inspired by it that I decided to make a grown up version of a very pretty childhood distraction. I'm sure a lot of little girls out there grew up to still wonder whether they'll ever sprout glittery wings or wake up in a bed full of pixie dust... but this is the adult version, no Tinkerbells here! You'll see a lot of flowers in this board, and I incorporated a lot of mirrors and vintage pieces to add to the old world charm.


Nouveau (Vintage): A sexy modern vintage wedding with hints of marigold and rich chocolate

When my cousin announced that she was NO LONGER ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED I only panicked for two reasons. 1) Is she OK? and 2) Oh my God that means that I won't have any pegs to show you for her now defunct February 2010 wedding. It was for the best, so I'm positive that she is in a happier place right now - her skin is glowing and she's wearing shorter skirts (something she didn't do when she was with her ex). I decided to take on a whole new challenge of planning her next wedding party with no one in particular - but this time it's for her sexier side! I was inspired by a board I had seen a long time ago by Snippet & Ink whose host Kathryn is newly engaged (Congratulations!). Also, who hasn't dreamed of a chocolate inspired wedding? I just took that cookie cutter thought and put it on a whole new level.