Destination: City of Lights for gardenias and double shot espressos

After watching the season finale of Gossip Girl a few weeks ago, hope burned in my heart for my favorite couple Blair and Chuck. I know that they won't last, they never do, but I feel that maybe after a few scandals, more deaths and pregnancies or what have you - there should be some sort of union between these two. I love them, they're my guilty pleasure, and I have to admit that even while chuck is a kid billionaire they would still have a sexy elopement in Paris before a big affair in New York. While I've made a Parisian elopement board before, I never made one quite like this with people from a tv show in mind! I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I would kill for them to do their wedding this way on tv. Maybe the producers will take a hint if they ever get wind of this (which is highly doubtful). Anyway, I still love a brasserie filled with gardenias in the early fall - for ANY bride to be - don't you?