Nouveau (Classic): Gracefully Modern

When I talk to mother's about their daughter's upcoming nuptials, I feel like they always hope for a little tradition mixed in with all the modern day things (like dogs for bridesmaids and ipod skins for giveaways). I myself believe that a little old school doesn't hurt when planning an event like this because the basics, much like a plain white shirt or a black dress just make a lot of sense. For example, when in doubt, stick to a neutral color palette. You may regret really trendy colors later on. If you're one of those faint hearted people that seem to never make up their minds (or rather their OWN minds, always seeking opinions) then I suggest going for a modern approach to a classic white wedding. It's not dowdy, it's pretty of the moment if you ask me. And the best part is, it will always be in style - something you definitely WON'T cringe at in thirty years.