Nouveau (Vintage): A sexy modern vintage wedding with hints of marigold and rich chocolate

When my cousin announced that she was NO LONGER ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED I only panicked for two reasons. 1) Is she OK? and 2) Oh my God that means that I won't have any pegs to show you for her now defunct February 2010 wedding. It was for the best, so I'm positive that she is in a happier place right now - her skin is glowing and she's wearing shorter skirts (something she didn't do when she was with her ex). I decided to take on a whole new challenge of planning her next wedding party with no one in particular - but this time it's for her sexier side! I was inspired by a board I had seen a long time ago by Snippet & Ink whose host Kathryn is newly engaged (Congratulations!). Also, who hasn't dreamed of a chocolate inspired wedding? I just took that cookie cutter thought and put it on a whole new level.