Nouveau (Rebel): Ink, Motorcycles and Rockstars

I believe that there are some seriously irritating misinterpretations of rock star weddings, with too much eye makeup and weird lighting... generally speaking. You have to keep in mind that a wedding is a wedding, there should still be an element of romance in it. You can have a theme party for Halloween! But some celebs have gotten the hang of balancing kitschy and traditional - Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson had a really elegant gothic wedding - nothing tacky or regrettable at all. Even Ashlee Simpson managed a pretty decent punk rock party when she married her husband Pete Wentz. It was like a goth Alice in Wonderland. I think I finally managed to create a board that incorporated two people's separate interests into one underlying theme. My cousin (the very same one who I made another board for when she was getting married) asked me to make something that really suited her... and this guy that she's seeing (who happens to be a real artist! he did her new tattoo!). Normally I'd tell her it was a bit too early to anticipate, but after seeing how this board turned out I don't blame her for fantasizing!