Garden Series: Tuscan Herb Garden

When I was looking things up for my cousin's wedding I came across this one shoot from Brides magazine that featured a Marketplace theme, and I thought that was really cool for guests to just pick and choose their giveaways (baguettes, jams, flowers) from a gorgeously presented market table. It inspired a whole board with lush greenery and fresh food like cold Spanish gazpacho and some really light white wine. Just looking at this board makes me feel like I'm in Tuscany or Provence, with the only non rustic thing being the really awesome cake with cameo chocolates!



Nouveau (Eclectic): Ming China and Orangina

I don't know what to say about this board because it just came up out of nowhere for me while googling ming style vases. I think this is like nouveau eccentric because of all the colors and artistic flim flam. My personal touch is in the Orangina, love that stuff.