Garden Series: Rusticana

A good rustic board is hard to make. There are so many themes and motifs you could use, and the little details are endless. It's easy to lose sight of what goes where when planning a wedding set around a lot of green or in the mountains. You get carried away by the thought of eco friendly paper lanterns or candied fruits and preserves... well at least I do. I think I had a mild case of ADHD while making this. But finally after three days, I have something to show for it.


Nouveau (Pastels): Understated and Easy

I don't know. I like pink. It's one of those colors that just catch my attention, especially in edible things like cupcakes or candy. But for the life of me I couldn't picture anyone turning pastels into something chic for a big event. I always thought they were corny colors, a little on the tacky side. Well I came up with a board that had doses of that palette in it, but so subtly done and in off the radar shades like pale peony, grey blue and buttercream. It's a really doable look without compromising the fact that it's a celebration for people above the toddler years.



Nouveau (Hepburn): Champagne wishes, Caviar dreams, Chanel haute couture!

I enjoyed making this board because even though I keep daydreaming about something ten times simpler for myself I would kill to have a really glamorous wedding. I won't pretend that a hundred phaelenopsis stems and tons of bottles of Dom don't give me the wedding willies. It literally screams L'officiel and Chanel No.5! But I did get a really good idea with that peg of the LBD. What a great back!



Nouveau (Afternoon): Lazy Sundays & Francophile Buffets

I'm a huge fan of those subtle weddings that have really big impacts on their guests... like I'm pretty sure paper lanterns are more impressive at night than chandeliers at a hotel. This board is a testament to those casually chic affairs that do well at spring or summer in someone's massive backyard.



Reel to Real: Iconic Hitchcock


I suppose it speaks for itself? I'm really proud of this board, it's very "fashion" compared to the others... I think I had to be in a certain mood to produce this, but I think I can go in this direction once in awhile!


Nouveau (Mod): Warholic & Fun

Like I've said before, I'm not into too much color... I barely wear things other than black, but when it comes to making boards anything goes. When I found this picture of a table setting with colored manzanita branches and little yellow birds I knew I had to make something with it right away... and it dawned on me that I never made a mod themed board. I went a little crazy with the tic tacs and the mini coop, but it was fun!



Color Scheme: Nantucket Summer Night in Lavender, Cream, Dove gray and Coal

If you've never been to Nantucket, I seriously suggest that you go there at some point in your life. It's quiet and stunning all at once, probably because it's so rustic and charming with all these surprise nooks and crannies and interesting little shops. I much prefer getaways like this compared to places like Miami or Cancun - definitely not restful and too noisy. I've been to a great 4th of July weekend wedding, and I think that it would be really beautiful and refreshing in a classic way. This sort of wedding needs at least three days to soak in... really awesome.


Color Scheme: Cream, Periwinkle & Champagne



Nouveau (Homespun): Comfortable textures & a clean palette

The idea of getting married in a house, or even having a reception at home doesn't appeal to me because... my house looks like an art gallery - too modern and stoic to look breezy and romantic. But if I had my own place, which hopefully would have nice french doors and floor to ceiling windows - maybe I'd reconsider. I actually made this board after someone close to us got "prank" engaged this weekend. Even if it isn't the real thing, I thought this would suit them pretty nicely! You've got all the soft fabrics, wicker and wood, clean palette of soft greens, whites etc. This is a wedding I would love to go to! ;)



Nouveau (Mad Hatter's Tea Party): The chicest storybook theme come to life

I have to admit I have thought of this theme so many times while making boards, but I just couldn't seem to make a commitment to it whenever I started it. This is probably one of the most common fairytale themes in the book, what with the new movie adaptation coming out next year and all. Fortunately one day I heard Go ask Alice(Jefferson Airplane) in the car and it got stuck in my head so when I got home I had no choice but to finish what I started months ago. A mad hatter's party - without being too crazy or kitschy - I've seen pictures of these parties that are too cartoonish and not elegant at all. I had a lot of fun looking for pegs, and I think I got a winner with this board.



Destination: When you've got the Hamptons as a backyard...

Summer is winding down, but the weather could not be better for a breezy late afternoon wedding in some classic beach house. The tropics are a whole other sort of affair altogether (more color), but I felt inspired after seeing pictures of Bastille Day and the Fourth so I decided to come up with a board that had a Hamptons/Nantucket feel. Personally I love this one!