Nouveau (Gatsby at Night): Marichris & Carlos Board No. 1

Just for you! The first of three different ones. Hope you get at least an idea or two for your scrapbook!



Nouveau (Bohemian): Headdresses & Art Deco details

Ok so I was more than inspired by the board I posted a couple days ago with the Morgan Le Fae theme but I like this board so much better because it's really detailed... I can't believe there's someone in LA who makes these really awesome fairy costumes for parties and weddings. I guess some people out there are more adventurous, and I think it's great even if I wouldn't do it myself...


Color Scheme: Jade, Coral Peony and Old Gold



Garden Series: Wintry Woods and Morgan le Fae

Don't ever assume that glamorous weddings are only at night. When I saw this picture of this girl in an AMAZING coat standing like the Snow Queen on a rickety boat I immediately wanted to make a rustic board that sort of touched on the fairy theme. I picked a generally simple palette, but the details and the surrounding greenery are enough to make the entire thing really stunning. I'd love to attend this wedding!



Nouveau (Eco Minimalism): Glass touches, Stark White and Crisp Greens

I know I've made A LOT of white and green palettes, but I keep coming up with new ways to present them so I don't think I'll ever tire of putting them together. I think this is my favorite palette of colors because it's so clean and fresh without being dull because of all the details - wicker, weathered wood, glass and preppy flowers like gardenias and hydrangeas (my favorites along with bowl of cream peonies). This was inspired by a picture of a pitcher of milk (lotion) in minimalist packaging that i found while googling. I thought it would be a lovely giveaway to have if it were real fresh milk packaged with homemade cookies. Mmm. Anyway, this would be a great classic wedding that isn't too stuffy.


Color Scheme: Dark Chocolate, Goldleaf, Cream and Noir