Nouveau (Right at Home): Part Three

Today's board is the third installment of my little Right at Home series, which features different types of weddings set at home. This particular board was so much fun to make, I did it in a jiffy, so fast that I felt the need to do a few more after to make up for the lack of difficulty. This is a very feminine wedding with very romantic details and a gorgeous Jennifer Behr headpiece.



Nouveau (Right at Home): Part Two

One of my favorite sweets are candied violet flowers from Paris. I realize that this is also one of my favorite colors to look at because it's still pretty and feminine but it's soothing and not too girly girl. I decided to make this color part of the series because of the awesome Mast brother's chocolate packaging.



Nouveau (Right at Home): Part One

I've been trying to make some more modern boards, but everything I seem to do feels very homey to me so I decided to post a three-part series of boards that feature at-home weddings. It doesn't mean that your wedding has to be boring, for goodness sake, don't spare anything simply because the address on the invite is the same as the one for the rsvp! Here is the first in the series, which features a delicate but fun spring palette for a brunch wedding.



Nouveau (Renaissance): Living Art in Turquoise and Gold

When I came across this particular bridal shoot for Brides I literally wiggled in my chair. I love the way this screams Elizabeth: The Golden Age! The pale yet interesting skin, the crimped hair, the intricate details - it can be modern depending on how much of the original look you adapt. Also I feel that it mixing in Pantone's color of the year (Turquoise!) gives it an edge that I guarantee no brides have yet to incorporate!